Popular Health and Fitness iOS Apps

iPhones have made communication much more comfortable; along with ease of communication, they have enhanced the picture quality, sound quality, provided access to banks and much more. iPhones have no less contribution in providing fitness to their customers. What we used to do earlier when given a task of having eight glasses of water a day, we used to panic about it the whole day, but now we can quickly do this with the help of an application that reminds us to have water in an hour.

1- Sworkit

It is a valuable option for people who don’t want to go to crowded gyms but want to get fit. Let the app know about your goal and your present fitness level, and you get a weekly workout program. It provides you real trainers for advice, exercise, and workouts. Tell it, what kind of workout you want, strength, cardio, yoga, stretching, it’s a one way go app.


You can record your weight through this app. There are more than 1200 exercises in app’s database. This app doesn’t plan out your routines.

3- Keelo

It is the best application for quick hit workouts. It takes full advantage of the training strategy, provides fast-paced workouts. It is equipped with both bodyweight and types of equipment workouts, and there is no reason not to move your body.

4- Couch to 5k

If you always wanted to run, but don’t know where to start from. The free eight-week program gives per week three workouts that will get you ready for next marathon.

5- Zombies, Run

Running becomes fun when with each step, you are closer to your mission and you keep the humans safe from zombies attack. The most significant advantage is that it is free to download and is very popular.


If you are busy and can’t carve time to go the gym. The app provides 5-7 minute workout; it also uses the camera of your phone for a new kind of the selfie, it shows how closely you follow the moves on screen.

7- Motion Traxx

While working out, listening to music can be useful as it keeps the motivation up. This app consolidates lessons from top-rated trainers along with music to set up the intensity for all workouts.

8- Strong lifts 5*5

Remember when you used to carry a pen and paper for all your records. This application keeps in check the rest and prep time.

9- Strava running and cycling

If you want to track distance, elevation, speed, heart rate, calories burned, power, this is a one to all app. It puts all this data into easy graphics.

10- Spotify running: It measures your pace and picks a song with the beats per minute. The music matches your cadence.

11- Daily yoga: Yoga was never this interesting, Now available are more than 50 classes in HD quality; There are many videos available with more than 500 poses.

12- Yoga wake up

There is no better way to start your day with yoga. This app provides a 10-minute sequence at the time you wake up.
13- Fooducate

It makes grocery shopping fun. By scanning barcodes, you will get quick information about how healthy each item is. It tracks hunger, sleep, and the mood swings then tell you to meet your health and fitness goals.

14- mySugr

We can’t usually remember what we had in dinner, but this application keeps notes of the food and the ways it affects their blood glucose levels. It tells about the foods you need to cut back on.

15- Deep sleep with Andrew Johnson: A guided meditation that may take you to a whole new world and help you in getting proper sleep.

You can use any or all of these apps on your iPhone or iPad and monitor your health and fitness.

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