April 25, 2018

Norton.com/MyAccount | Norton.com/Setup – Norton My Account

Norton.com/MyAccount – Norton is a popular antivirus security software which works best for fighting against various trojans, viruses, spywares and other malicious tasks. The anti-malware software has been developed as a computer and android devices security product. In present time, the antivirus is widely accepted as the best antivirus which works quite well in all the computers and smartphone. With the ease of availability, people can buy it from the online as well as from the offline store.


With the use of advanced methods of signature and heuristics, Norton antivirus is equipped with the best security features which detects viruses in your system and takes actions against it. Apart from virus protection, the anti-malware software also provides spam Email filtering and phishing security.

If you are noticing that your computer is working slow or stops functioning then  chances are high that your system has virus attack. Reasons for the malware attack might differ but the solution is same. Getting an antivirus program can fix all these issues. There are various ways by which your device or operating system can get affected by viruses. The most common medium is the internet. We surf countless unsafe websites that damage down our computer, Androids, iOS in no time.

Another reason could be peripheral devices.The data we exchange can result the slow down of the computer. We often need to make Powerpoint presentations, different videos or others for educational, business and promotional purposes. For that, we need to install external devices as heavy files take time to upload on the internet. Sharing any such presentations by using peripheral devices can risk your system from virus attack. So, it is must to secure your system against potential damage and data loss.

Buy Norton Antivirus Software from Various Methods

Online Method:– One can buy it online as the software is easily available at the Norton’s website. Buying the software from online store lets you play and purchase the product key by the comfort of your own place. You don’t need to visit any retail store when you can pay online. Make your purchase from the website and receive the product key in the mailbox.

Offline Method:- If you don’t have anything by which you can pay for your product online then pay in cash by visiting the retail store. Just visit any nearby retail store and purchase the Norton product. You will receive a CD with a retail card having product key printed on it. CD is for the installation but better to download it online as it assures you that you are getting the latest version of the software.

Whether you buy it online or offline, you need to go through your Norton account. For the activation of the product, you need to visit the Norton account. If you have an account on Norton then proceed for the installation steps and if don’t then follow the given procedure. Check for the latest version of Norton Security service and download it in case you don’t have it or else you can simply update it.

Steps to Create Norton Account(Norton.com/MyAccount)

1: Visit the link norton.com/setup.

 2: Click on the option of “Sign in Button”

 3:- Now, go to the “Create an Account” section.

 4: Enter the login details carefully (a user should have Norton Security Subscription for ID and Password). Make sure the email ID and Password for your account is correctly filled.

 5: Select your region and proceed to the next step.

 6: Read “Terms & Conditions” before you mark agree. Next, you need to click on Create Account.

Once your account is created or logged in, you will get the access to visit the Norton Account. If your account is not updated, make sure that have updated your account as it provides better protection of your system or other devices. If you need any assistance or help while creating your account on Norton, you can connect with Norton Customer Support as they are completely dedicated to help their customers.

Access My Norton Account(Norton.com/MyAccount)

With the Norton Account, you can manage your subscription, find product updates, reinstall the product and a lot more work can be performed by the Norton account.

Product features such as Norton Online Backup, require Norton Account can be accessed by Norton my account. Visit Norton My account section from Norton.com/myaccount and access to these amazing features. You can use the website to review Norton Online Store purchase records,  download previously installed products, check your subscription renewal details and recover product license information. In order to access the site, you need an active Internet connection, your correct email address and a password.

For Help, Call Norton Customer Support

If you need any help or support, you can connect to the Norton customer support and can get an instant solution. You don’t need to browse the solutions for any of your query when you have Norton customer support. Just dial Norton customer support toll free number and get connected to one of the best technicians who have answer for all the queries related to Norton antivirus.

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