How to Fix Netflix Not Working Issue?

Netflix is a popular media streaming platform that has more than 125 million users across the globe. If you have a Netflix subscription cannot access it, then this guide will help you in fixing such issues. Here is a list of some common Netflix issues and their solutions:

Netflix Application Crashes

Does your Netflix app crash all of a sudden when you are in the middle of your favorite show? Or does it crash each time you launch it? If you have a smartphone, then force close the Netflix application. If the issue still persists, then restart the phone. If that does not help either, then uninstall the application and download it again from the app store.

If you have a TV application, then log out of the Netflix account. After that, remove all the cache. Check if the problem has been fixed after logging in. If you use any security program, then you should disable it as it might conflict with Netflix.

Restart the device

The easiest way to solve Netflix not working problem is to turn off the device and then turn it back on again.

  1. Switch off the device by pressing and holding the power button.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the gadget.
  3. Let the gadget stay disconnected for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Attach the power cord to the gadget.
  5. Switch the gadget on by pressing the power button.
  6. Check whether the Netflix issue has been resolved or not.

Use the right login credentials

If you have difficulty in logging into your Netflix account, then you might have entered the wrong username and password for the account. If you cannot remember your login for Netflix account, then you can contact their service to get assistance. You can also try resetting the password. If you keep forgetting login credentials, then you might want to get a password management tool. If there is any strange activity regarding your Netflix account, then your account will get blocked, and you will get a mail recommending you to reset the password.

Black screen issue

Are you getting a Netflix black screen with or without sound when you try to open or watch Netflix? There could be a number of reasons for this issue.

Cookies: Delete all the cookies from the browsing software. Depending on which browsing software you have, the steps for removing cookies differ. Go to the Settings of the browser, and you should ideally find the option for deleting cookies there.

Antimalware: A few security programs often clash with Netflix, resulting in a black screen. Therefore, you can disable the antimalware program before using Netflix. Enable it again when you are done with Netflix.

If you are using Netflix on Windows 10, then run the browser as admin. If that does not work, try quitting and exiting from the browser and open it again.

Too Many Users on Netflix

If your login credentials are known to others, then you might be unable to use Netflix services because somebody else is using it on another device. You can stop all the current sessions and access your Netflix account. Go to Account and click on Settings. Now, just select Sign out of all devices.

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