How to Customize Apple Watch by Tweaking the Settings

Setting up an Apple Watch is considerably a breeze. However, making it your very own personal gadget is not as easy. For this, you need to access the settings of your watch. In order to really personalize your Apple Watch, you need to tweak some settings. In this blog, you will find the ways to customize Apple Watch. All the customization can be done from within the watch.

How to access Apple Watch’s Settings feature

Even if you do not install any outside apps, the Apple Watch contains a number of features which can be managed using the Settings feature. In order to get to this feature, just touch the gear icon located in the Home Screen of your Apple Watch.

How to modify the time?

In order to modify the time displayed on the Watch face, you need to increase or decrease it using the wheel and while holding the Set button. If you are frequently tardy and usually run late for important events, then you can set the clock ahead on your smartwatch.

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How to use Airplane mode on Apple Watch?

When you are in the Settings screen, press the Airplane mode icon. Now, simply hit the bar next to Airplane Mode and turn it on.

When the Airplane mode is activated, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth get turned off along with the cellular network. If you are flying, or want to charge your Apple Watch quickly, then enable the Airplane mode.

How to enable or disable Bluetooth?

The Apple Watch can be linked to several Bluetooth powered devices like speakers and headphones. All the devices that have their Bluetooth turned on and are in the Watch’s radar will show up on display. You can pair any device by just choosing the device and then keying in the PIN if prompted. In order to turn off Bluetooth, you will have to put the Watch in the flight mode.

How to set up Do Not Disturb Mode on Apple Watch?

  1. Keep swiping the Digital Crown until the watch face appears.
  2. Now with an upwards swiping motion, launch the Control Center.
  3. Now, just hit the Do Not Disturb option.
  4. In the following screen, simply select the length for the Do Not Disturb mode.

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