How to Send GIFs on Apple Messages app

GIF has now become more popular while sending messages. A majority of all social sites allow sending GIF as statements, replies, and comments. GIF changes the way of conversation, it makes conversations more interesting and fun.

With the update of iOS 10, now Apple’s Message app also supports GIF, you can use GIFs library and send GIF in your chats. Go through the below instructions and make your conversation more interesting and exciting.

On iPhone:

  1.    Tap and open the Messages app of your device.
  2.    Tap on a chat.
  3.    Tap the [>] button from the left side of the message text field.
  4.    Now, tap on the ‘Apps’ (stylish ‘A’ icon).
  5.    Tap on the ‘App Menu’ button. It is a grid of four circles at the bottom-left corner of the app screen. Or swipe left or right on the installed app to switch between apps.
  6.    Tap on ‘#images’ icon.
  7.    Now, tap on a GIF to add to your message you can only send one Gif at a time.

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If you want to replace any GIF then tap on another one, it will automatically remove the old and select the new one. To remove any GIF, tap (X) at the top-right corner in the preview.

  1.    Tap on the ‘Text field’ below GIF to enter a caption or message.
  2.    Now, tap the ‘Send’ button. It is a green color round button with an arrow facing upward.

GIF message will send to the selected receiver.

On Mac:

Unfortunately, you’ve to use a third party app (GIF Keyboard) to send GIFs with messages because macOS doesn’t have app support for messages.

  1.    Download the third party app (GIF Keyboard).
  2.    Now, click and open Messages app.
  3.    Click on a ‘Chat.’
  4.    Click on ‘GiF’ at the upper right side of the menu bar.
  5.    Search for GIF and Video into the ‘Search bar.’
  6.    Now, drag a GIF from the menu and drop it into your Messages chat.
  7.    And hit ‘Enter’ to send your GIF.

The GIF message will send to the selected receiver.

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