Popular Health and Fitness iOS Apps

iPhones have made communication much more comfortable; along with ease of communication, they have enhanced the picture quality, sound quality, provided access to banks and much more. iPhones have no less contribution in providing fitness to their customers. What we used to do earlier when given a task of having eight glasses of water a Read more about Popular Health and Fitness iOS Apps[…]

Did You Know You Can Share Your YouTube Premium? Learn How!

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu earning big revenue in the video streaming market, YouTube also has decided to monetize its content by starting a subscription service – YouTube Premium. Users can watch ad-free videos, access YouTube Originals, and listen to YouTube music without any ads. The subscription also includes a Google Play Music subscription. Read more about Did You Know You Can Share Your YouTube Premium? Learn How![…]

How to Filter and Prevent Robocalls and Phone Spam?

Spam in any form has been a nuisance. However, in the recent years, there has been an exponential surge in phone spam. On an average, a phone user gets as much as six spam calls in a day! Initially, it was easier to weed out such calls simply on the basis of the calling number. Read more about How to Filter and Prevent Robocalls and Phone Spam?[…]

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