Google is Sending Its Five Teen Game Designers To The E3 2018

On Tuesday, one of the search giants announced that five teenage girls are going to the E3 2018 after their game designs were selected from a Google contest.

The Google’s Change the Game was called only for the female students to submit their designs for kind of games that they would like to play, for increasing the percentage of game developers who are women or girl.

In all of the total participants, top five finalists are getting a trip to the video game show to share their games design, and they will also receive development support for their designer games to which is made for the Play Store on Android devices.

11th grader Christine from Vancouver, Washington, is the winner of the game and she is getting a $10,000 college scholarship and $15,000 technology contribution to her school. Christine’s designs are for the side-scrolling puzzle game which is known by the name Mazu. It is a shapeshifting girl goes on a journey through a dangerous forest.

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