June 12, 2018

How to Download Norton Antivirus | Quick & Easy Steps

In the present times, there are so many different types of online threats. Viruses, the most common ones amongst them, are usually hidden, and they can damage the computer and data. Other malicious programs, also known as malware, can be used to steal personal and financial information. To protect your device and network against the various cyber threats, get Norton. It safeguards the devices from incoming external threats and scans the device for them. It also kills and notifies about the possible risks to the device. Since new threats keep emerging, Norton antivirus keeps up with the most recent threats by regular updates for virus database. Norton by Symantec is one of the best security software across the entire globe as it offers comprehensive real-time protection.

Norton Download


Which Norton Products and Services are available?

Find out more about which Norton product is available in the market. Norton manufactures products for many devices such as Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android mobile devices, and tablets. You can go to Norton.com/setup to set up your Norton product after purchasing it. Here is the list of all Norton products:

  • Norton Security Standard– Protect your computer or smartphone against malware with a $39.99 yearly subscription.
  • Norton Security Premium– Get protection along with family security and computer backup for up to ten devices with $54.99 yearly subscription.
  • Norton Security Deluxe– Get real-time protection against malware for up to five devices at $49.99.
  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection– Computer threats go way beyond malware and viruses. Protect your identity and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a data breach with LifeLock.
  • Norton AntiVirus Basic– This affordable plan at $29.99 per year offers robust security against known and emerging malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, etc.
  • Norton Small Business– Get the same protection used by Fortune 500 companies and be secure about your business’ security. A yearly subscription for up to five devices I available at $99.99.
  • Norton Core Secure WiFi router– Get multi-layer protection which safeguards all connected devices in $179.99 with free setup.
  • Norton WiFi Privacy– Protect your private information such as login details, bank account details, credit card credentials while using public Wi-Fi on your devices with $7.99 per month subscription for up to five devices.
  • Norton Family Premier– Safeguard your children against online predators and make exploring the web safer for them with a $49.99 subscription for the first year.
  • Norton Ultimate Help Desk– Available for three devices at $19.99 per month, it resolves technical issues promptly.
  • Norton Mobile Security– It helps you to enjoy the complete potential of your tablet or smartphone by offering proactive protection for your mobile device. Subscription is available at $14.99 for the first year.
  • Norton Computer Tune Up – It makes your computer work like new again by restoring new-like performance at $49.99.
  • Norton App Lock– Add password security to applications and lock one or more applications with the same passcode. It is available for free on Google Play App store.
  • Norton Utilities– Clean and speed up your computer and eliminate slowdowns and system crashes by freeing up hard disk space. Maintain your online privacy at $49.99.
  • Norton Clean– Get back storage space on your android device by removing junk, residual file, and cleaning cache. This application is available for free on Google Play App store.

Norton Services

Spyware and Virus Removal – Remove all viruses from your device with a nine-point threat detection service which is fast and convenient. It is available at $99.99 for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS device.

Norton Safe Search– Avoid falling prey to phishing with Norton Safe Search. Secure your web search engine and see safety ratings for all the search results.

Computer Tune Up – Reclaim the speed as well as the performance of your computer and see an overall boost of $49.99.

How to download Norton Product purchased via a retail store?

In order to download any Norton product bought from either a retail shop or a 3rd party affiliate website, you have to create a Norton my account. Or else you can add the Norton product to your already existing Norton my account. When the Norton setup procedure is going on, you will be asked to enroll in the Norton Automatic Renewal Service.

How to download and install Norton Setup?

  1. In order to download Norton setup, firstly, one has to sign in to Norton.
  2. Launch the web browser and go to www.norton.com/setup.
  3. Enter your login details and click on Sign In.
  4. If you do not have any existing Norton account, then click on Create account and finish the signup procedure.
  5. Fill in your login information such as email address and password. Click on Sign in.
  6. Go to your Norton main window and click on Enter a new product key button.
  7. Type in the Norton Product key and after that click >.
  8. If you bought your Norton product from an offline retail store, then you will find the 25 character alphanumeric product key in the box containing the Norton setup installation disk.
  9. If you purchased your copy of Norton from the web store, then the product key will be in your email.
  10. The subscription for Norton starts after the customer has entered the product key.
  11. When prompted, go through the terms of the agreement and click on Agree and Download.
  12. In case you have bought more than just a single Norton product from your Norton account, then click on the additional product which you want to download. After that click Next.
  13. If you have a valid and active subscription for Norton Security Platinum, then click on the product which you have to install on your device and click on Next.
  14. Click on Load More in the bottom of the page of the product you have to download and install is not shown.
  15. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen and run or Save the Norton downloader file. Double-click on the file when it is downloaded.
  16. When the downloader is executed, your Norton product will be ready to use.

If you do not have an antivirus on your device, then it means that you are inviting a criminal in your home. Malware and virus wreck havoc and have the potential to steal an identity. In the present time, there are a number of ways for launching attacks and there are several thousands of threats. To protect yourself from them, it is crucial to have Norton security on your device.

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