7 Best Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is an increasingly popular crime and someone becoming a victim of this theft almost every minute. So it is really important to take steps to protect yourself. Otherwise, thieves can steal significant information about you, like your name, address, telephone number, bank account, or credit card numbers, and most risky is your Social Security number.

And the Scammers put sensitive information which works in many ways such as applying for additional credit cards, opening bank accounts, setting up telephone services, or opening a new bank account, going on shopping sprees and many more. Some of the identity thieves might even go so far as to give your name to police during the time of arrest.

We are providing you the seven best tips which prevent you from identity thieves. The tips are given below-

  1. Protect your personal information online
  2. Use strong password
  3. Safeguard your social security number
  4. Install a robust antivirus program
  5. Enable photo id verification
  6. Destroy your digital data
  7. Secure your mailbox
  1. Protect Your Personal Information Online

Don’t put personal information such as your birth date or phone number, on a computer home page, personal computer profile, or social media website. Never provide personal or financial information except a website site is secure.

  1. Use Strong Password

When you use passwords for various online accounts, then always use that password which cannot easily guess or found by someone. Avoid to use the noticeable passwords like “123456,” or “ABCDE” your mother’s name, the names of your children, spouse, or pets, or other personal data.

  1. Safeguard Your Social Security Number

Always keeps your Social Security card in a secure location, and give out your Social Security number only when requires. Don’t carry your Social Security card anywhere with you.

  1. Install a Robust Antivirus Program

Antivirus program helps in protecting your computer from a lot of external threats. To protect their identity from being stolen, it is necessary to have a robust antivirus for the safety and security of your data. If you wish to install and activate Norton antivirus, which is one of the most reliable security software’s, go to Norton.com/setup for more information

  1. Enable Photo ID Verification

Instead of signing at the back of the credit card, write “see photo ID” at the back. In most cases, the shopkeepers at the stores do not even notice the signature block on the bank card. So a thief can easily use the credit card and make online or telephonic purchases because they do not need any signature verification.

  1. Destroy Your Digital Data

Before you exchange or sell or give away your computer system, destroy all the data from all the disks and backup tape from the computer. Do not delete the data instantly and format the hard drive because it can be recovered by someone. Use the existing shredders to confirm that the hard drive data is permanently destroyed by the system.

  1. Secure Your Mailbox

Regularly empty the mailbox and lock it up. Do not mail outgoing bill payments and bank cheque from your home. These can be stolen, and the payee’s name can be easily erased with solvents. Go to a Post Office or any other secure location to mail them.

We recommend you to use Norton antivirus to protect your system from online threats and malicious infections. If you need any technical help for downloading, installing and activating the Norton antivirus, then visit Norton.com/myaccount  or dial the toll-free number of Norton customer support to get instant support.

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